Our Story

Sara and Adam met when Adam saved Sara from getting hit by a bus. Sara tripped and almost fell into the road. Adam happened to be walking by at just the right moment to catch her. At least, that’s what they told people at first. (We’re pretty sure that the Maid of Honour still believes that story is true.)

sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 07

The reality is that they met online. After some initial emails and text messaging about Monty Python, they agreed to go out for drinks. Adam and Sara had their first date at the Sherlock Holmes Pub on Rice Howard Way. It was a Tuesday night, but they spent hours talking and didn’t leave until after last call.

Nearly four years later, Adam proposed to Sara at Cape Spear while on vacation in Newfoundland. She said yes, and the rest is yet to come!

Sara Kelly and Adam Snider will be married on the morning on June 30, 2012 at Namao United Church. A relaxed brunch will follow at the Manor Casual Bistro in Edmonton.