A New Beginning

I’ve been contemplating starting a new blog at this location for a long time—for nearly as long as I’ve had this domain.

My other website, adamsnider.com, has been my online home for years. And it will probably continue to be the place that I direct most people to visit if they want to know more about me. But it will likely become more of a static site.

I’ll likely convert it to a professional portfolio/online resume rather than maintaining it as a blog.

Separating my personal and professional lives online is tough, since so much of what I do for a living involves online activity. I’m a blogger, social media guy, and general online communicator by trade. My online “hobbies” and my online work overlap almost by necessity.

I’m hoping that, by using the kellysniderfamily.com domain I can add a bit of separation between the two.

So that’s the goal. A new blog that is less connected to my name—albeit only by a small amount—so that I’ll still have a place to share my thoughts online without it being the same place that I send people if I want them to get a sense of who I am in my professional life.