Networking for Introverts

What better way to get back into the work week than with networking tips for introverts? As an introvert who is often nervous about attending networking events, I find these tips useful, especially the first one: If networking events make you nervous, don’t psych yourself out with unrealistic expectations. You may not meet 20 new contacts […]

Starting School

I start school on September 3rd. It’ll be my first time in a formal classroom setting since 2005. The only formal schooling I’ve done since I finished my undergraduate degree in 2005 has been online. Going back to a traditional, bricks-and-mortar school and not working full time is going to be a huge shift. But […]

Don’t Place Your Self-worth in Your Job

A depressingly true comment from a MetaFilter post about this article: “The truth is that the vast majority of us will not be employed in a job that is both our lifelong passion and a world-changer; that’s just not the way our global economy is.” The first part is true and very important for people to realize, […]

Sometimes Doing Nothing is the Best Option

I’ve been involved with crisis communications more than once in my career. If you work in communications or public relations, it’s inevitable. But sometimes things that look like crises aren’t, and the best response to no response. It can be hard to tell when that is the case, but using data can make it much […]