There’s no such thing as a centrist

Hamilton Nolan, writing for Splinter, takes the bold position that centrists don’t exist. Politics is not a bathtub that seeks a perfect mix of hot and cold. Politics is using power to achieve certain ends. The ends that people want to achieve are, consciously or subconsciously, aligned with broad philosophical beliefs. I’m not sure I’d […]

Helping people without homes

Small business owners are taking care of the people who live on our streets. These are heartwarming stories, and I am familiar enough with most of the businesses mentioned to be fairly sure that the owners are all genuinely trying to help people. But I think it’s worth remembering that this sort of narrative subtly […]

Jacobin: What is Democratic Socialism?

This is a decent quote about the why of a democratic approach to socialism, rather than a militant revolutionary approach. The former matches the material conditions of today’s liberal democracies. The latter does not. That’s not the only reason, of course, but it is an important one that’s worth acknowledging in the face of people who […]

Rutger Bergman wants to ‘make the state think like an anarchist’

This New Statesman interview with Rutger Bregman has me intrigued about the book he’s promoting. “We need a completely different kind of democracy, a society where you don’t think purely in terms of representation,” Bregman explained, citing the Brazilian city Porto Alegre’s pioneering experiments in participatory democracy (citizens’ assemblies, for instance, determine public spending priorities). […]

A response to Frances Lee’s article on fearing their fellow activists

In their article, Why I’ve Started to Fear My Fellow Activists, Frances Lee writes: We are alienating each other with unrestrained callouts and unchecked self-righteousness. I tend to agree. I think the strict language policing and lack of room for dissenting opinions in some leftists spaces is a big part of why many blue collar […]

After 16 years of “war on terror” and what do we have to show for it? More terrorism than ever before. More imperialism than we’ve had in a long time. Greater global inequality and increasing inequality “at home.” Western foreign policy – and especially US foreign policy – has done wonders to destabilize the world […]