I lost a child…

Today was the day my son was supposed to be born. Instead, he was stillborn on June 17 – the day after Father’s Day. We found out a little over four days earlier that he’d died. We have ideas about exactly when his heart stopped, but don’t know precisely. Whatever the exact moment he died, […]

Kinship vs biological family

Earlier today, I was checking out the #solarpunkchat hashtag on Twitter and saw a call for papers about the topic of kinship and collectivization in literature (presumably, with a focus on solarpunk fiction). Specifically, it was focused on non-biological kinship. This got me thinking about the idea of kinship in my own context. For a […]

Resolutions 2017

I resolve to be a better husband, a better father and a better person. That’s it. Those are my New Year’s resolutions. I’ve got other goals/hopes/aspirations for the year, but those three are the main ones. They’re big and abstract, sure, but they’re the ones that matter. I’ll write more about the smaller things — […]

2015 Year in Review

2015 was a big year for me and my family. For starters, our family grew. On March 9, Sara gave birth to our first child: she whose name is not mentioned online. Just a month earlier, almost to the day, I started my job with  Edmonton Public Schools. It’s been a great job so far—my […]

Babies are basically human puppies

There’s a reason a lot of people practice their ability to keep another creature alive by adopting a dog before they decide to become parents. Dogs and babies are basically the same. Think about it. They both love chew toys. Neither realizes that the other dog/baby in the mirror is actually their own reflection. Both […]