Utopia for Realists: a review

I recently finished reading Rutger Bregman’s book Utopia for Realists. It was quite good and a surprisingly compelling read, given that it’s full of charts and graphs. Rather than attempting to write my own review, I’ll just send you to a review Neil Howard wrote for openDemocracy. It points out the highlights and covers many […]

Whining about Netflix

This article strikes me as very odd, claiming that Netflix is going to be terrible in 2019 because they’re removing some older shows from their catalogue and focusing more on original content. Netflix wants to start streaming more original shows and movies and focussing less on acquiring programs they did not produce. That means they […]

We don’t block ads because they’re ugly, we block them because they’re invasive

Not too long ago, Google banned the AdNauseum extension from the Chrome Store. The reason they cited appears to be bogus. They also seem unwilling to discuss the real reason people use ad blockers. It’s not (just) because most online ads are ugly; it’s because they pose a privacy risk. Advocates insist that ads aren’t just […]

Which national newspaper should I subscribe to?

In this so-called “post-truth” world, quality journalism is more important than ever. I want to support good journalism by paying for a newspaper subscription. I’ve been a weekend-only subscriber to the Globe and Mail for a while now, but I’m becoming more and more frustrated with the paper’s elitism and focus on the Upper Canada one per […]

Climate change, chemicals and the disappearing male

Between climate change and man-made chemicals, we’re having issues with male births and male sexual development—namely, fewer male births and lower sperm counts among those who are successfully carried to term. The DNews clip above reminded me of the Doc Zone episode below. It’s a full 45 minutes and covers a slightly different (but closely related) topic; […]