Two turntables and a pint of beer

Today was a good day. The perfect lazy Sunday. I bottled 5 gallons of beer and listened to a bunch of vinyl records—a mix of those I’ve bought myself and my grandfather’s collection—while Sara was out at a friend’s baby shower. I don’t really have much more to say, except that my title is inaccurate. […]

Modified Muntons Red Ale

Today was another successful brew day. I made a simple red ale—a slightly modified version of the Muntons Red Ale. In place of the kilogram of dextrose called for in the instructions, I used a kilogram of amber dried malt extract (DME). Using malt extract instead of corn sugar will boost the flavour profile, while still […]

Brown Cow Chocolate Milk Stout

I promised Darcy a beer post. It’s a bit later than originally planned, but here it is. I bottled my chocolate milk stout this evening. It’s a low alcohol, session ale. But damn if it isn’t going to taste good. While you can’t really tell what the final character of a beer is going to […]

Taste Tests

Many homebrewers subscribe to a “leave the yeast alone to do it’s thing” theory. I tend to follow this rule, only “disturbing” my LBKs to take hydrometer readings. Once in a while, though, I like to take a sample. Often, I will drink my hydro samples. But sometimes I’ll just pour a small shot of […]

Homebrew Batch No. 8 – Sara’s Honey Red

Sara’s Honey Red —————- Brewer: Adam Snider Style: Irish Red Ale Batch: 2.40 gal Extract Characteristics ————— Recipe Gravity: 1.054 OG Recipe Bitterness: 28 IBU Recipe Color: 11° SRM Estimated FG: 1.014 Alcohol by Volume: 5.2% Alcohol by Weight: 4.1% Ingredients ———– Amber DME 1.00 lb, Extract, Extract Honey 0.50 lb, Sugar, Other Mr. Beer/Coopers […]

Adam’s Lawnmower Ale

I brewed my lawnmower ale today. It’s based on Mr. Beer’s Classic American Light refill. I’ve pumped it up with some light dried malt extract (DME) and sterling hops. I mentioned it in a post earlier this month, but I made a few slight modifications since then. The updated recipe is below. Adam’s Lawnmower Ale ——————– […]

Whispering Wheat Weizenbier

Today was bottling day at the Snider Homebrew Shop. I bottled a batch of Mr.Beer’s Whispering Wheat Weizenbier. Whispering Wheat is one of the older recipes, from before the company was purchased by Coopers. It’s no longer being produced but it looks like the inventory hasn’t been completely cleared out from all of the stores […]

A Successful Brew Day

Today was brewing day. I brewed the St. Patrick’s Irish Stout refill I mentioned in my previous post. Everything went according to plan and I managed to transfer the wort from the pot to the LBK without issue. Unfortunately, I have a habit of spilling the wort during the transfer, resulting in a loss of future […]