Building in the river valley: yes to washrooms, no to restaurants

David Staples, ever the supporter of getting more people into Edmonton’s river valley (a noble goal), wants more restaurants and washrooms in the valley. Although I agree wholeheartedly about adding washrooms — many popular trail heads lack washroom facilities — I disagree about the restaurants.  It would be nice to have some places to eat […]

Helping people without homes

Small business owners are taking care of the people who live on our streets. These are heartwarming stories, and I am familiar enough with most of the businesses mentioned to be fairly sure that the owners are all genuinely trying to help people. But I think it’s worth remembering that this sort of narrative subtly […]

Edmonton considering reducing minimum parking requirements

The City of Edmonton is about to review parking requirements and there’s a possibility there will eventually be no minimum parking requirements, at least for businesses. It’s about time. While minimum parking requirements might be needed in residential neighbourhoods, to ensure roads aren’t overcrowded with parked cars, I don’t think they make much sense when dealing […]

A love letter to the people of Edmonton

John Richardson loves Edmonton. That’s the obvious impression one gets when reading his essay “Acting As If.” This city is absolutely bursting with imagination, and, perhaps to a similar extent, is filled with profound social vision.  And the most powerful force in Edmonton right now is an unusual urgency in many citizens, from regular working […]

Central Canada still perceives Alberta as a bastion of bigotry, but they’re wrong

In an article about Olivia Chow’s mayoral campaign, the Toronto Star—apparently trying to show that, while racism can be an issue for foreign-born political candidates, it’s not enough to cost them an election—dropped this gem: Naheed Nenshi, a Muslim, is mayor of Calgary, of all cities. Shocking, right?! Calgary elected a Muslim! That’s weird because Albertans […]