Bowling Day

Author’s note: Yes, I forgot to post on Friday. It takes time to change habits. It’s bowling day. Last year, some friends and I formed a (five-pin) bowling team and joined a league. This is now our third season, after playing in the fall and winter leagues last year. It’s a cliche to say that […]

Whining about Netflix

This article strikes me as very odd, claiming that Netflix is going to be terrible in 2019 because they’re removing some older shows from their catalogue and focusing more on original content. Netflix wants to start streaming more original shows and movies and focussing less on acquiring programs they did not produce. That means they […]

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There’s no such thing as a centrist

Hamilton Nolan, writing for Splinter, takes the bold position that centrists don’t exist. Politics is not a bathtub that seeks a perfect mix of hot and cold. Politics is using power to achieve certain ends. The ends that people want to achieve are, consciously or subconsciously, aligned with broad philosophical beliefs. I’m not sure I’d […]