Building in the river valley: yes to washrooms, no to restaurants

David Staples, ever the supporter of getting more people into Edmonton’s river valley (a noble goal), wants more restaurants and washrooms in the valley. Although I agree wholeheartedly about adding washrooms — many popular trail heads lack washroom facilities — I disagree about the restaurants.  It would be nice to have some places to eat […]

Helping people without homes

Small business owners are taking care of the people who live on our streets. These are heartwarming stories, and I am familiar enough with most of the businesses mentioned to be fairly sure that the owners are all genuinely trying to help people. But I think it’s worth remembering that this sort of narrative subtly […]

Jacobin: What is Democratic Socialism?

This is a decent quote about the why of a democratic approach to socialism, rather than a militant revolutionary approach. The former matches the material conditions of today’s liberal democracies. The latter does not. That’s not the only reason, of course, but it is an important one that’s worth acknowledging in the face of people who […]

Link roundup: socialism, nutrition and social ecology

I used to post interesting links to Facebook. And I’d add some commentary when sharing them. But I try not to use Facebook anymore, except for some groups I’m in, so I’m likely going to start posting semi-regular link roundups on this site, as a way of sharing those links and commentary. I may even […]